Why Us

America’s Best DoctorsWhen I decided that dentistry would be my profession was because I had a calling to serve and help people.This is the main reason I decided to embrace this passion of mine. I have experienced all different forms of professional dental settings- from hospital to private practice and on through public health.Respect and dedication are the two most valuable traits that serve as my core foundations in this profession. Independent to people’s social class or means, I always treat every single patient the same way as I would treat myself. I believe that to serve as a dentist is an honor and a privilege.When a patient decides to look for a dentist, it is a decision that involves a lot of thought and deliberation. It is an act of trust that I take upon to treat someone that needs dental care for themselves and their whole family.If you make the decision to join our family, expect that I will see you more than a mouth or a patient that walks in and out of my doors without a care in the world. I will see you and your family as part of mine.I want to go back to the good old days of REAL Family Dentistry by building connections and relationships. No more corporate dentistry where patients are treated like robots or low-class individuals. I want to be the last dentist that you will ever need. Let our Family Serve Yours. Become Part of Our Family. We Will Happily Treat You as Family.
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Alencar Family Dentistry