General Dentistry

Oral Hygiene & Wellness – We provide complete general dentistry services for you and your family.We strongly believe that optimum oral health care helps our patients keep their smiles brighter and healthier. Maintaining good dental health conditions also help prevent chronic mouth diseases and other life-threatening conditions.Numerous researches have shown links between gum disease and many serious health diseases you normally would not associate from having bad teeth, thus preventive care consultations and check-ups help our dental team identify specific dental problems. If left unchecked, these dental conditions could become more severe and before you know it ends up in costly treatments and procedures.For more information about periodontal treatment, you can find information from the American Dental Association and American Academy of Periodontology websites.

We Offer General Dental Services In Chesapeake

• Comprehensive Examinations & X-Rays • Oral Cancer Screenings • Dental Sealants • Fluoride Treatment • Hygiene/Cleanings

Dental Fillings

There’s no need to worry about getting Dental fillings since these are common and affordable dental procedures used to help restore teeth.Dentists use dental fillings to repair tooth decay or fractures, which may also include tooth chipping, enamel cracks, modify the shape of the teeth, fill gaps or improve appearance for permanently-stained teeth. When placing a dental filling, the tooth enamel should be cleared of any residue such as old dental fillings, amalgam, ceramic, gold or old composite material. Dental composites are white filling materials bonded to the tooth enamel with the use of a bonding agent.

Amalgam / Metal Fillings

In the past, metal fillings or amalgam were the most popular and common prescribed solutions as dental fillings. However, these were really expensive and wear down quickly. But current technologies and innovations have found better alternative solutions which could last longer and could even be customized for matching color tones.
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